Thomas Birks

Thomas Birks President Birinco Inc Defrauded Our Company

From Quebec Canada

Mr. Thomas Birks President of Birinco Inc. from Montreal, Quebec, Canada scammed and defrauded our company out of money he owed for an ATV rental he used from our company at Little Sahara in Utah.  Tom Birks signed a binding contract with our company in which he agrees to pay for any and all recovery costs and recovery fees incurred by renting the ATV if this occurs.  Tom and his grandson (who was not supposed to drive the machine, but Tom allowed him to drive the machine) got the ATV stuck and needed recovery of the ATV.  Our company employee had to use a company vehicle to drive to the location of the stuck ATV, which caused the front-end damage to occur because of the offroad conditions and snowy terrain that made it hard to see all the hazards.

The employee was able to help dig out the ATV and safely get them out of the difficult situation.  Tom and his grandson didn’t know how to get out of this situation by themselves.   The employee then re-informed Tom Birks that he is responsible, as stated in the contract, for the recovery vehicle damage cost, including the recovery fee.  Tom stated that was fine, and he understood and believed his AMEX card would cover the cost.  The employee stated that if AMEX did not cover the cost, then he would be responsible for the cost, in which Tom replied “Okay”.  Several days later, Tom Birks disputed the deposit amount on his AMEX card for the repair cost and sent us an email stating he was not going to take care of his responsibility.  We have found Thomas Birks to be a liar, dishonest, and defrauded the company by reversing credit card charges on the money he owes and agreed to pay for through the rental contract and also verbally to our employee.